EL Wire Glassess with Inverter For Party, Night club

EL Glasses is a fun way to add strings of light to your techno moves or your evening event!

You can wear your sunglasses at night ! By using the latest in electroluminescent (EL Wire) technology and merging it with the latest design in sunglasses, we have quite possibly made the coolest thing ever: Light Up Sunglasses. Unlike regular LED Sunglasses that just have a few points of light on the frame, the EL Wire runs through the transparent frame of the Electro Light Up Sunglasses and lights up the entire frame to make a brilliant and colorful glow effect! These brilliant, bright glowing sun The EL Wire Light Up Sunglasses have two settings, a flashing strobe effect and a steady light on mode.

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Insert two AA batteries (not included) into the included battery pack and press the button on the side to turn the unit on and to switch between the steady light and flashing light modes

3V DC input (2pcs of AA batteries)
Function: Continuous - Blinking.
Button Key: On - Off
2xAA Driver : Can be drive up to 9.8ft EL Wire.

* EL Wire Color available : red / yellow / blue / green / white
* EL Diameter : 2.3mm
* EL lighting wire lets you add 360-degree

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