DC 24V to DC 12V 5 Amp 60 Watts Step Down Converter

Module Properties: non-isolated buck module (BUCK)
Rectification: synchronous rectification
Minimum pressure: 2V
Input voltage: DC 24V (15V-35V)
Output voltage: 12V
Output Current: 5A
Output Power: 60W
Conversion efficiency: 90%
Output ripple: 50mV (MAX) 20M-bandwidth
Full load temperature rise: 50 ℃
Load regulation: ± 1%
Voltage regulation: ± 2%
Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40°c to +85°c) ( If ambient temperature exceeds 40°c, lower power use, or to enhance heat dissipation)

Overcurrent protection
Short-circuit protection
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None (Please Series diode at the input port.)
Waterproof design
Waterproof full-potting
Small size: 58x40x22mm