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32" Warning Strip Light

32" Flashing Strobe Warning Strip Light is an affordable solution for being visible while working with emergency vehicles. Warning Strip is a flexible weather proof 12V LED strobe light that is able to be applied to any surface curved or flat with heavy duty 3M tape. Each Warning Strip Light is 1/2" wide and 3/8" thick. This 32" long Warning Strip Light can be install anywhere you want on your vehicle such as grille, front and back bumper area, tailgate, etc ..., Included Industrial adhesion promoter for easy installation With No Drilling Required


Warning Strip Light is available the following color combinations, please choose your color at the bottom

Amber& White ,  Amber,   Green,   Green & White

Package Included:

  • One individual waterproof 32" Warning Strip Light
  • One Industrial adhesion promoter for easy installation With No Drilling Required
  • One strobe module controller




Warning Flashing Strip Installation Guide

Professional installation is highly recommended

1.Clean the mounting area on your truck or vehicle.

2.Position the LED strip light on the mounting area and mark it’s position.

3.Please wear latex gloves and clean the Mounting Area with an Alcohol Prep Pad and   dry the area.

4.Open the Adhesion Promoter and apply it to the mounting area.

5.After apply the Adhesion Promoter to the mounting area, wait for 60 Seconds to allow promoter to cure, and then peel off the red adhesive tape at the  back of the LED strip and stick the LED strip light to the mounting area.

6.Gently apply pressure with the palm of your hand and slide from one end to the other and back. We do not recommend using your finger tip as this can cause damage to the individual LED.

7.Connect the LED strip light to the control module box provided.
  (Please keep the control module box inside of the vehicle)


8.Connect the Black wire from the controller to 12V DC- Ground/Negative. ( Power wires can be extend if needed )

9.Connect the Red wire from the controller to 12V DC+ Positive (Recommend connect the LED strip light to On/Off Switch)  ( Power wires can be extent if needed )

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