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Switchback Running Light & Turn Signal LED Strip Light

Pair of 2015 NEW Dual color ( white-amber) LED halo strips were made in a soft ribbon that can make any shapes to fit into your car's headlight new or retrofit and it Can be used for numerous other accent on vehicle. Ultra Bright SMD White LED lights to be used as daytime running lights and Amber Yellow LED lights to be used as turn signal lights.


2x dual color LED strips
Length: 24" for each strip and you will get two strips
High Quality Dual Color LED Strip
DIY any shape
DRL strip for cars or headlights customizations
Suitable for DC 12V power supply only.

Package includes:

2 x Flexible LED tube DRL, Clips & screws, connecting cables


1. Connect the Black cable to negative (-)
2. Connect the Red cable to positive (+) of your day time running light
3. Connect the Yellow cable with the positive (+) of your turn signal light

When driving, the white light will be on as day time running light, and when you turn , the yellow light will be flashing with your turn signal light and the white light will be stopped.

If the strip is too long for you , you can cut it:

1) light the strip and count the led chips from the tail
2) Each 3 led chips are a group
3) Cut it with each 3 chips
4) Seal the ending of strip with Insulation glue.


Packge included :

2 Pieces of 24" switchback LED strip light