StarLight Wireless Tow Lights

These unique hassle free wireless towing lights address the demand of easy installation and energy sustainability. The light-emitting parts are designed with wide-angle high level brightness LED. The units can be directly adhered to the towed vehicle with its build-in super suction magnet. The wireless control functionality can be achieved through its wireless transmitter that come with the towlights, which ensures your towlights are always in sync with your towing vehicle.




Minimum Signal Range 1,000 feet
Continuous Operation Hours 72 hours on a single charge, battery good for 500 charges, no memory
Standby Hours 180 days
Display Surface Area 15 square inches. (Same as that of most round tow lights, D.O.T.)
Transmitter Types 4 Prong, 7 Prong RV / HD Plug, Hardwired or Hand Held Remote
Switch-on Low Battery Warning Center LED lights blink 3 times
(Full Tail Light Functions)
Real time brake, hazard, running lights and turn signals
Signal Interferences No interference with any other tow lights or wireless devices
Magnets Super strong earth magnets
Enclosure Light weight tough aviation grade material
Warranty Limited 3 year warranty*


Package Included:

Left and Right Wireless Tow Lights

12V Car Charger with cable and Home Charger