Plastic RGB LED Strip Solderless connector Strip wire to Strip

This 5050 RGB strip light accessories is mainly designed for 3528/5050 RGB strip light.
It can easy connect strip light one by one without welding. The wire could be bent what ever angle you what to install your strips.

To connector waterproof led strip light, it add an additional job for you. Please clean up the the rubber to make sure the end of strip light is non-waterproof and clean. Then insert it into the connector box, thus the connector can connect the led strip light firmly.

If the PCB board is so thin that it could not be fixed firmly by the connector box, you may fix a little tape or a small piece of masking to make the PCB board enough thick, thus the connector could connect the strip light firmly and work smoothly.

To get a good connection, please bend down the connecting points and put some smooth tape on the bottom of the LED strip to keep it from sticking and bunching up.

  • Only fit for 5050 RGB LED chips with 10mm wide PCB board
  • No need welding or soldering, easy to use
  • 10cm length for every cable