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LED RGB Strip Light:

LED RGB Strip LIGHT is a low voltage, 12VDC Super Bright color changing LED lighting in a flexible ultra sleek thin PCB strip

Package Included:

5 Meters / Reel (16.4 feet long) Multi Color Strip Light

3A Power Supply

Multi Color Remote Controller


- LED Type: 5050

-Ultra bright high intensity waterproof SMD LEDs
outdoor / indoor LED lighting, leds lights, Ledstrips, led lights, led rope light, rope lights, led christmas lights different flash patterns, Window lights, led garden lighting - Number of SMD LEDs: 150
- Rated voltage: 12V
- Maintenance free, easy installation
- Connection type: common anode
- Length: 5 meters(16.4 feet)
- 4 flashing modes: flash/strobe/fade/smooth
- Must Purchase RGB remote to change different colors / Patterns

How to choose power supply

1 roll 5 meter RGB = 3A cUL certified power suppy
2 roll 5 meter RGB = 6A cUL certified power suppy


1) Architectural Interior and Exterior Lightings
2) Thearter, Store or Restaurant Lightings
3) Bar, Club Lightings
4) Emergency hallway lighting,
5) Walkway lighting
6) Stairway Lighting
7) Concealed lighting
8) Back and Cover Lightings
9) Commercial Logo Lightings,
10) Emergency EXIT Lightings
11) Car Decorative Lightings
12) DIY Home Decoration Lightings...

Theory of Color and RGB Lighting:
When the three primary colors (red, green and blue) of light are mixed, the intensities of the colored light is being added. The mixing of colored light is called additive color mixing and in a nutshell, this is the purpose of the RGB LED Controller. It mixes the three colors to create other colors by dimming. White light is perceived where all three additive primaries overlap. Since the white mixture results from the adding of three color light sources, the white light appears to be the brightest of all. By varying the intensities of the individual light sources, a full range of colors can be obtained.


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