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Are you tired of cheap quality emergency warning lights that fail in few weeks or a few months ? Are you tired that your warning light can't stand against winter the season or harsh weather ? Look no further, all of our Chaser Warning Strips are covered three year warranty on all LEDs and guarantee to last against any weather elements.


Chaser LED Warning Emergency Flashing Strip Lighting for Tow Truck, Construction Truck, Fire Truck, Emergency Responder, Emergency Vehicle, Security Vehicle, Flatbed Heavy Truck. It is an affordable solution for being visible while keep the lights hidden when not in use.

No drilling or screws needed, no complicate installation required. Come with industrial Adhesive promoter and strong adhesive double side tape for easy installation.

Color Options : Please choose your color option at the bottom

Amber,    White,    Amber & White,    Red & White,

Blue & White,    Green & White,     Amber & Blue,      Red & Blue


For  Red,   Blue,   Green,   Purple,   Amber   and    White colors,

Please choose Multi Color option

Multi Color Chaser Warning Strip has total 6 color that you can choose to suit your job 

( Amber,  White,  Red,  Blue,  Green,  Purple )

Each Chaser Warning Strip Light is 5/8" wide and 2/8" thick. It can install on any flat or curve surface. 49" long Chaser Warning Strip Light is best to install on YOUR TRUCK'S BACK WINDOW / UNDER TAILGATE or anywhere THAT has 49" or more space.



1) Most Durable and highest quality of LED Warning Flashing Strip in the market.

2) Affordable Emergency Vehicle Warning Strip Light to outfit your whole vehicle with the stealth look when not in use

3) Highest Grade of Waterproof Rating against any outdoor weather elements.

4) Build-in Connectors for every part of the light for easy future repair and replacement. You do not need to cut the existing wires or re-do your wiring again for any future repair or part replacement.

5) 8 Different Flashing patterns can be choose

6) 10 Different Flashing Speed can be choose

7) Last recall memory function build-in, flash pattern will be remain the same every time you turn ON/OFF the unit.

8) Ultra long 25 feet wire cable included, so you will not need to buy additional wires.


Package Included :

2 x 49" Chaser Warning Strip Light for both Back Window and Under Tailgate
2 x Industrial adhesion promoter for easy installation With No Drilling Required
1 x Ultimate Control Box

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