HID Bulb Out Warning Light Canceller AUDI A4 A6 Porsche

Product Description:

Package includes two pieces of HID Xenon kit Computer Dashboard Panel Error Warning Light Canceller (Capacitor).

This harness has the resistors & capacitors to simulate a factory Halogen Bulb. This will solve the error message on the dash board of newer luxury cars.

HID computer Warning canceller
Special for Computer control Cars
Function:solve cars installed HID warning and burn problem
Car type:AUDI A4 A6

This harness will also eliminate HID headlight flickering that is caused by the Vehicle's computer not recognizing the low wattage HID bulb.

This HID Conversion Kit Computer Warning Canceller will solve the computer error warning encountered during the installation of the HID kits. Power from the vehicle factory headlight plugs into this harness and this harness powers your HID Ballast.

This cable is 100% Plug & Play, Very Easy to Install; no modification is needed. Bulb type: 35W Volts in: 9 to 16V