LED Blinker Resistor
[LED Resistor]

LED Resistor could Fix LED Turn Signal Lights From Hyper Flashing, No Flashing or Burnt Out/Error Code. Those resistors fit on all vehicles.Simply connect them to LED signal bulbs to simulate the load of a stock bulb
By adding those resistors most LED related turn signal problems can be resolved within minutes.
One resistror can only be used in one side of the signal lights. You can use T shape tap to connect load resistor to the wires so you do not have to cut the stock wires. One Load Resistor is required for each bulb. T shape tap NOT included in package, you could find them at local eletronic stores.

Typ 50W6RJ
Voltage 11.5 - 14.8 Volt
6 Ohm
50 Watt Output

modern cars with CAN BUS- or FIS-monotoring for the illuminattion system can occur that the LED parking lights are not recognized by the car, or do not operate properly, (they blink only the first 5 seconds after the switch-on or the display of the board computer shows an error indication light). This problem can be easily solved. The load resistor is parallel connected to the LED lamp, this means as new consumer. (not in series!). In case of doubt please have it installed by a professional.

When LED`s are used it can happen that the on-board computer shows "defective lamp" due to the low power consumption. By using the load resistance, the failure report at the board computer is avoided.
Application examples


- LED parking light (if the CAN BUS-System switches off the voltage after a few seconds)
- LED tail light etc. (by error report on BC-Display)


Technical data



Type 50W6RJ
Spannung 11,5 - 14,8 Volt (car Board voltage)
Voltage 6
Output 50 Watt
Housing dimensions (L x H x B) 50 x 16 x 28mm
Bore diameter Ø 3mm
Cable length each side 80mm
Housing material Aluminium
Colour gold
Mounting parallel with the lamp


Please Click here to see the Installation Video