12V Car Auto Boat Round Rocker ON/OFF Toggle SPST Switch



This product is a LED illuminated Rocker switch. It can work in any car and anything with a 12 Volt DC source.
Type: 2 Pins (3 Pins with LED) SPST: ON-OFF
It has a wide range of functions. For example, it can be applied as the switches for the additional electronical equipment inside & outside the car.(such as LED strobe lights)

1.Easy setup. All you need is a 3/4"(19mm) hole and the switch will sit in nicely; no more square cut outs.
2.Our switch comes with a keyhole slot to prevent unwanted rotation
3.LED light when turned on
4.SPST 2 pole design (On/Off) 3rd poles with LED to be connected to earth.

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1 X Rocker Switch ( Bulk quantity avaiable at the bottom )

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