Audi Style High Power White 9-LED Daytime Running Light DRL

Advantages of LED daytime running lights:

1. Increase visibility during day and night. The better other drivers can see you, the more likely you can avoid an accident to occur.
2.Enhance the overall look of your car. LED daytime running lights are becoming very popular for modern high end car models such as BMW, Porches, Audi, and Mercedes Benz. Having these High Power Super White LED daytime running lights installed on your car would definitely improve it appearance.
3. Having an auxiliary lights in addition to your headlights and fog lights.
4. The LED's are in pure white color. It would match perfectly with your HID kit and they produce similar level of light intensity.
5. Low power consumption.
6. Supreme brightness: The brightness of these High Power Super White LED daytime running lights can reach as high as 120 LM--much much brighter than regular bulbs.
7. Long life: a lot longer than regular halogen bulbs.
8. Low heat dissipation: These High Power Super White LED daytime running lights produce very little heat so you do not have to worry about the mounting locations.


The installation is SUPER EASY. The negative wire need to connect to the negative side of battery. The positive wire need to get power from the ignition fuse box. Therefore, the Daytime Running Light will turn on when the key ignition on.


This DRL can work on ALL Car

High Power 9-LED Audi Style Daytime Running Lights

Sold as Pair

100 % Brand New

waterproof and shockproof

High Quality & Brightness LED DRL

Ultra long lasting design

Low Power Consumption

Operation Voltage Range: 12V DC


11.6" x 1" 1.2" 


A pair of High Power 9-LED DRL