150W Alternating Wig Wag Flasher Module

150W Alternating Wig Wag Flasher Module

One of our newest strobe module, this small but powerful box will give you the
visibility from the front to back. This flasher will make your headlights or/and your taillight strobe on any vehicle.

When used at night, the low beam headlights remain ON for proper illumination, while
highbeams flash to gain attention to increasethe vehicles visability.

Features Override function that interrupts the flasher sequence to allow normal

highbeam or tail light function.

NOTE: DO NOT install in a Dodge Dakota or
Durango 1999 or newer.

The flasher can only be used on halogen or
LED headlight.  Built to last.

Professional Installation recommended


Power: 12VDC

Dimentions: 3"W X 1 7/8"D X 1 1/4"H

Mounting: 2 screws

Warranty: 1 year limited