2 X 1157 BAY15D 24 LED Light Bulb

Color: White, Red or Amber (Please select the color at the bottom)
Number of SMD:24 (5050 Chip)
Cross Reference : 1157 BAY15D = 1016, 1034, 1154, 2057, 2397, 2357, 3497, 7528
Applications : Tail lights, Turn signal light, Corner light, Stop light, Parking light, Side marker and Backup lights
Save energy, Simple fit just like normal bulb
Super bright White LED
Low power consumption and high brightness
Made with high intensity SMD LED
Pure white SMD LED's
Long service life
Easy to install
Power: DC 12V
Socket type: 1157

Package Content:
2 x  24-SMD LED Car Tail Light Bulb

Q: Why the LED Bulbs doesn't light up?
A: Problem can be solevd by switch the bulb 180 degrees.
Q: Why error code or hyper flashing occoured?
A: If error code or hyper flashing occoured, the problem can be solved by adding proper resistors.

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