100W Bright White 6000K High Low Beam Xenon Halogen Headlight

  One Pair of (Set of 2) Brand New Xenon Gas 12V 100W Low Beam, HID High Beam Light Bulbs or Fog light bulb
  H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 9005 9006 880
  Bright White
  12V Drawing Input
  5000K Color Temperature
  Bulbs Produces High Wattage Light Output with a Standard Watt Current Drawing
  No Need to Change Any Wire
  Easy Installation(Plug In & Replace Stock Light Bulbs)
  More Visibility When Driving at Night
  Give Looks Of Headlight Just Like Luxury Cars
  Direct Upgrade Replacement of Stock Headlight Bulbs
  Buyer need to check his own car wiring if can install 100W bulbs or not.
  No Modification needed

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